+ Chess in the Rock River Valley
Chess in the Rock River Valley
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Upcoming Tournaments and Events
  • "Everyman's Chess Progress" Open - Dekalb - Sep 13  - Meet Erik Czerwin, author of the new book "Chess Progress" (Details) NEW
  • Rockford Chess Challenge - Fall 2014 - Washington - Nov 8th (watch for details)
  • Rockford Chess Challenge - Winter 2015 - likely RESA (watch for details)
Other tournament calendars:     Illinois - Wisconsin - USCF - ICCA - Freeport - Dekalb -

  • Congratulations to Sureshku Rajaman, 1st place winner of the2014 Illinois Open: 2014 Reserve Section NEW

  • Congratulations to Kamalesh Sureshkuma, winner of 9th place trophy (U1200) in the Labor Day Scholastic Tournament NEW



  • Congratulations to winners of the Rockford Chess Challenge - Summer 2014 at Haskell (press release ) NEW

  • Congratulations to local winner of the USCF-rated 4th Orwell Memorial (in DeKalb)(Full results)
    • Elijah Patterson - 1st place - U1400 section
    • Bryce Lawson - 2nd place - U800 section
    • Jeremiah Davis - 3rd place - U800 section

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